Mountain Nyiragongo is a stratovolcano which is a sole of the eight Virunga Mountains found in Virunga National park on the Eastern side of The Democratic Republic of Congo and one of the world’s most deadly volcanoes that is famously known for its calamitous eruptions.

Mount Nyiragongo derives its name from “Nyiragongo” in Lingala, meaning “MOUNTAIN OF FIRE.” It is also native language of Congo with “Nyi” meaning three and then “Ragongo” got from the Rwenzori meaning “mountains of the moon” since it is located North of Goma and lake Kivu, then close to Rwanda in the Western side where the Rwenzori ranges can be viewed clearly.

What are the Facts about Mount Nyiragongo?

Mount Nyiragongo is 3,470m above sea level with Lava Lake walls that are 2km (1.9miles) wide and a 250m deep lava lake filled with lava liquid boiling time in and out. The mountain has the greatest lava of varying depth making it contribute approximately 40% with Africa’s historical volcanic eruptions together with Nyamuragira volcanoes. This formation up in the deep top of Nyiragongo casts bloody glow across the horizon, providing a dazzling sight for tourists to witness this thrilling mountain.

The Crater Lake at Mount Nyiragongo has catastrophically depleted through its outer Flanks in 1977 in less than an hour at roughly 60miles per hour on the volcanic slopes killing over 70people and dispersing many to the adjacent settlement.

How Many Times Has Mountain Nyiragongo Erupted?

Since Nyiragongo has existed for decades and decades, the exact number of times it has erupted is less clear to the scientists but science states; it has erupted 35 times since 1882, with its latest eruption having occurred on 22nd May, 2021. Only this recent eruption has luxate more than 450,000 people killing 32 people, destroying 3,600 homes, 12 schools and 3 health centers making this period be related to the 2002 explosion that killed 250 people according to Virunga national park officers. This eruption left an assurance that the Mountain holds various opportunities of erupting any time soon again, hence it is an active volcano.

Is there Hiking on Mountain Nyiragongo?

Hiking on Mountain Nyiragongo was officiated in 2014 and since then, its lava lake top provides a captivating and intriguing view for visitors on hiking squadrons and scene. The hikes on Mount Nyiragongo are very arduous mandating strong physical conditions as a result of the lofty slopes and strident terrain. In order to participate in hiking, the hikers are entitled to reporting to Kibati ranger post at 8:00m (Central African time) for briefing and the real hike then commences at 9am or 10am outset from Kibati ranger post. Depending on your speed, hiking till the top may take 5 to 6 hours taking you through the 5 parts of Mount Nyiragongo.

As you hike up Mount Nyiragongo, you realize that it is divided into 5 parts that include, 1st- reaching the lower altitude areas, 2nd-Climbing on the loose rocks, 3rd-Crossing tiny loose peddles with slippery stones, 4th-Reaching a very colder, higher and steeper area and lastly 5th-The summit shelters.

Where to Stay While at the Summit?

Mount Nyiragongo has 12 housing shelters at the summit, for the guests to spend their night incase they wish to stay and these consist of single beds, mattresses and pillows for hikers to get through the frosty night. These shelters as well have well experienced and professional chefs that prepare food and hot drinks for the tourists all at a cost to ensure that the tourist has the best of there time at the top through the brutal coldness. One needs to carry heavy jackets, head soaks, warm boots, warm clothes, gloves and drinking bottles to keep themselves hydrated through out.

When is the Best Time to Hike Nyiragongo Mountain?

Preferably, the dry season provides the best moment to hike Mount Nyiragongo and site the deep center lava lake. For Congo, the dry season covers months rom June to October (peak season) then December, though this are a little wet since Nyiragongo is located in the topical rainforest zone.

Travelling never stops as there is a lot in store all over the world among which Mount Nyiragongo will offer a spectacular experience testing yourself in the Virunga of Congo with us.

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