3 Days Kalinzu Forest

3 days Kalinzu forest is an amazing chimpanzee trekking safari that takes you to south west of Uganda in Bushenyi district. Kalinzu forest covers 137km2 with over 320 chimpanzees and about 40 of them habituated making the forest perfect for budget visitors and offers an amazing adventure. The reserve is known for its biodiversity with dense tropical rainforest vegetation with over 400 tree species all which enable all wildlife to thrive. Kalinzu forest has 378 bird species like the great blue turaco, black-billed turaco, black and white casqued hornbill, green breasted pitta, African green broadbill, bushshrike, warblers, sunbirds and more; primates like chimpanzees, baboons, blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, l’hoest’s monkeys; wildlife like leopards, buffaloes, wild pigs, antelopes, waterbucks and over 200 butterfly species all which make for a unique experience. The trip will start from Kampala to Bushenyi and back to Kampala.

Day 1: Transfer to Kalinzu Forest Reserve

At an agreed point you will be met by a driver guide from Glory Summit Tours who will brief you on how the next 3 days will move, after which you will embark on a 6-7hours drive from Kampala to Kalinzu Forest Reserve in Bushenyi with stop overs at the Equator for picture moments and Mbarara for Lunch. You will continue to Kalinzu after lunch and get there in the evening, check into your lodging then have dinner. You will then retire to your room for the night and rest in preparation for the next day.

Day 2: Chimpanzee trekking and guided nature walk

Wake up early, have breakfast then head to the headquarter for briefing about the expectations, rules and regulations of chimpanzee trekking from a guide at 8:00am after which you will head out into the forest in a group of 8 with both a guide and armed guard for protection. The trek will about 3-4hours depending on where the chimpanzees are situated, once located you will spend an hour with them in their natural habitat and observe them groom, feed, care for the young ones, play and nest and also have the opportunity to take pictures. Water will be provided during the trek, and you will also see other primates like baboons, pottos and monkeys, animals like buffaloes, waterbucks and leopards plus birds of different species. Once done you will head back to the lodge and freshen up, then have lunch. After lunch you will go for a guided nature walk, the waterfall trail will give you a chance to explore the magnificent scenery, Kilyantama waterfall, wildlife, butterflies and a breath of fresh air which will take 3-4hours. When done with the hike, you will head back to the lodge, in time for dinner. With dinner out of the way you will enjoy a beautiful evening while reminiscing about the day with friends and retire at will.

Day 3: Checkout and departure

With breakfast done, you will check out of the hotel and exit the forest for Kampala. On your way to Kampala you will enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the countryside and also have a chance to take some pictures while at it. A stopover at the Equator for lunch more pictures and exploring the craft world will be done. Then continue to Kampala at an agreed point marking the end of the 3day trip to Kalinzu Forest Reserve.

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