3 days Lake Bunyonyi Midrange Safari

3 days Lake Bunyonyi Midrange safari, is a short safari taking you to Uganda’s deepest lake located in southwestern Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi is a stunning serene place known for its scenic beauty and multiple islands making it one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa as a spot to rest and relax with plenty of leisure activities. A good mix of relaxation, exploration and cultural experiences you will certainly leave with a new appreciation of life. With over 200 bird species expect to see weaver birds, herons, grey crowned cranes, regal sunbird, black-billed turaco, mountain oriole, African harrier hawk, slender-billed baglafetch and many more, the Batwa and Bakiga people for cultural tours and all these put together will certainly make for a unique and beautiful experience on this tour. The trip will start from Kampala via Mbarara to Lake Bunyonyi and finally back to Kampala.

Day 1: Drive from Kampala to Lake Bunyonyi

At the agreed spot, you will meet with our driver guide from Glory summit tours in the morning who will brief you about the trip, at which point any questions or concerns from you will be addressed. You will set off at 7:30am for Lake Bunyonyi which will take about 9 hours enjoying the great scenery, landscape and physical features of the country side. A stopover will be made in Mbarara for lunch, then you will proceed to Lake Bunyonyi where you will arrive in time for dinner and then check into your lodging for the night so you can rest and be ready for the next day.

Day 2: Batwa community tour and Canoeing

After a good breakfast, you will head out and visit the Batwa Pygmy community to learn about their traditional way of life. This cultural experience provides insights into the history and challenges faced by the Batwa people. With the help of a local guide, you will be involved in different community activities like music, dance and drama, crafting and honey harvesting. Story telling will also be key as a way to learn the Batwa people’s history and what makes them an interesting group people. You will return to the lodge, and have lunch, once done then you will head out to the Lake for an afternoon of canoeing. As the only lake stable enough for one to ride a canoe to visit all 29 islands including the punishment island where girls who got pregnant out of wedlock were taken. During this 2hour ride you will also see a variety of bird species like the pied kingfisher, malachite kingfisher, herons, bronzy sunbird, black crake, common stone chat, great cormorant, black-headed weaver, fly catcher and many more. Enjoy a sunset cruise on the lake with stunning views of the sunset over the surrounding hills. You will head back to your lodging after the ride, have dinner and rest while sharing experiences by the fire and retire at will.

Day 3: Checkout and departure

You will wake up to a beautiful breakfast, and then check out of the lodge and prepare for your departure for Kampala and this will take about 9hours. You will have a stopover at Mbarara for lunch and another at the equator, for picture taking moments and exploring the craft village after which you will continue to Kampala and will be dropped off at the agreed upon point which will mark the end of the 3day tour.

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