3 Days Uganda Chimp Habituation Experience and Crater Lakes Safari

Many primate lovers come to Uganda for both Chimpanzee and Gorilla Tracking, however for this trip we are going to get a little more intimate and do some habituation. Habituation is the process of making these wild chimpanzees get used to having humans around and enable tracking for the chimpanzees later and all this is done in Kibale Forest National Park. Away from Chimpanzees, other primates like mangabeys, olive baboons, white and black colobus, red colobus, galagos and pottos; birds like the ground thrush, green-breasted pitta, pigeons, grey parrots, great blue turacos and beautiful scenery with vegetation and crater lakes are expected during this safari. The trip will start in Kampala via Mubende to Kibale and back to Kampala.

Day 1: Transfer to Kibale Forest National Park

Day 1 of 3, will have you meet with our driver guide from Glory Summit Tours at a spot chosen by you and he will give you a brief of how the trip will unfold for the next 3days. You will then set off for Kibale which is about 5-6hours, with a lunch stop in Fort Portal town. After lunch you will visit the famous Amabeere ga Nyinamwiru, learn about the history and also have some picture moments. Once done with Amabeere, you will proceed to Kibale and check into your lodge for the night. You will have dinner and retire for the night.

Day 2: Chimpanzee habituation

Day 2 of 3, will have you waking up very early for breakfast, get ready with packed lunch and a snack, then you will head to the Kanyachu visitors center at 7:00am for briefing about the rules and how you are to behave while in the forest. With a guide, a research team and ranger you will head deep into the forest on a quest to find the chimpanzees intended for habituation and once found you will be given 4hours with them. During these 4hours, you will observe how they look after their young ones, how they copulate, feed, hunt, patrol and build their nests within their habitat and also you are allowed to take pictures to keep the memory alive of the process. You can also expect to see other primates like monkeys, mangabeys, pottos and baboons with birds like great blue turacos, pigeons, black bee-eater, little greenbul and many more. This normally takes almost the whole day, so at the end you will be picked by the driver guide at the Kanyachu center, taken back to the lodge for freshening up before dinner and relaxation as the day comes to an end.

Day 3: Checkout and Departure

On the last day, you will checkout, have breakfast and then exit Kibale and head to the Ndali Kasenda crater region. With lakes like Nyabikoro, Nkuruba, Nyinambuga, Nyaminima you will have a very beautiful view and a bit of nature through vegetation, chimps and other primates and birds. The scenic views will give a beautiful end to the touring the region with pictures for memories. You will have lunch in Fort Portal town then proceed to Kampala where you will be dropped off at the agreed point which will mark the end of the safari.

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