6 Days Uganda Vacation

6 days Uganda vacation is an attractive safari combining the magnificent gorillas with Africa’s most diverse national park is the best way to enjoy a vacation in Uganda without missing on the primates, birds and or wildlife. Some of Uganda’s national parks you to visit are; Bwindi Impenetrable forest, Lake Bunyonyi and Queen Elizabeth National Park are the spots that make this very possible for memories to be created and an experience to be enjoyed. The safari will give you a chance to see the big five; lions, rhinos, elephants, buffaloes and leopards and other animals like hippos, crocodiles, waterbucks, bushbucks, giant forest hogs; primates like mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, vervet monkeys, olive baboons, mangabey, black and white colobus monkeys; birds like hornbills, shoebill storks, king fishers, stranger weavers, regal sunbirds, fly catchers, green pigeons, robin chats, warblers; the beautiful scenery with the impenetrable forest, crater lakes and the vegetation. Expect a game drive, boat cruise, primate trekking and community tours. The trip will start from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Lake Bunyonyi and Queen Elizabeth and back to Kampala.

Day 1: Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable

You will meet at an agreed point with our driver guide from Glory Summit Tours and once all of you are settled in, you will be briefed on how the trip will go for next 6days after which you will set off for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and the journey will take about 8-9hours. We shall have stop over at the Equator for picture moments and another stop will be in Mbarara for lunch then we proceed to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and will reach in the evening. On route you will enjoy delightful blend of natural beauty, cultural encounters, and diverse landscapes, making it an unforgettable experience for you. You will reach in time for dinner after which you will check into your lodging for the night and retire for the day.

Day 2: Gorilla trekking and Batwa community tour

You will wake up and have an early breakfast then pack a snack and water for the trek. You will be driven to the briefing spot by 7:30am where you will be given the guidelines and safety precautions to be followed by a guide to ensure a smooth trek before you head into the forest to experience it. Depending on the targeted Gorilla families given to you to trek, the trekking will take between 30minutes-6hours, it’s in this time that we shall get to see the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, how they live, care for each other, care for their young, how and when they eat will be observed by you with a guide and armed ranger on route with you. When done with the trekking, you will head back to the lodging, refresh and have lunch before you head out for the Batwa people community tour. With the help of a local guide, you will be involved in different community activities like music, dance and drama, crafting and honey harvesting. Story telling will also be key as a way to learn the Batwa people’s history and what makes them an interesting group people. You will the return to the hotel, have dinner and end the day with fire to exchange stories and wind down the day.

Day 3: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi

You will wake up in time for breakfast and checkout, after which you will exit the park for Lake Bunyonyi which will take about 3-4hours. During this time you will enjoy the green scenic views and also have some picture moments as beautiful views must be captured for memories. You will get to your lodge at Lake Bunyonyi in time for lunch, after which you will check and rest before you set out for some canoeing and relaxation by the lake. You will head out for canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi with 29 islands to be visited, you will not miss out on the most popular island which is ‘Punishment Island’ and you will also get to see some birds like the grey shrikes, king fishers, herons, sunbirds, raptors, bee-eaters, widow birds and weavers and after you will relax by the lake and enjoy the sunset and this is breathtaking for a view. You will return to the lodge in time for dinner, after which you can relax and retire at will.

Day 4: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth

You will wake up to a great breakfast, after which you will check out of your lodging and find your way to Queen Elizabeth and this will about 4-5hours. On your way to Queen Elizabeth you will be taken through the scenic Kigezi Highlands. This area is characterized by lush green hills, terraced slopes, and picturesque landscapes. Take in the stunning views as you wind your way through the highlands. You will arrive in the afternoon, check into your lodging then have a late lunch. Once lunch is done you will rest for the afternoon and enjoy the night away. After dinner you will retire at will.

Day 5: Game drive and Boat cruise

You will have breakfast and then head out for the morning drive through Queen Elizabeth with a guide and expect to see 4 of the big five: elephants, buffaloes, lions, bush backs, kobs, leopards, hyenas, antelopes, giant forest hogs giraffes, colobus monkeys as well as several bird species like kingfisher, red-crested sunbird, African mourning dove, black headed gonolek, long-tailed cormorant, African shoebill, warblers, weavers and more. You will then return to your lodging to relax as you wait for lunch. After lunch you will head to Kazinga Channel and launch, the cruise will tale 3-4hours with a guide to avail answers for any questions you might have during the boat cruise and during the cruise you will see water animals like the hippopotamus, buffaloes, water bucks, crocodiles and bird species like black billed turaco, ross’s turaco, black coucal, plain nightjar, African crake, grey crowned crane, crowned lapwig and many more. You will head back to the hotel in time for dinner and after dinner you can enjoy the evening by the fire as you relive the experiences of the days and retire at will.

Day 6: Check out and departure.

With breakfast done, you will check out of the hotel and exit the park for Kampala. On your way to Kampala you will enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the countryside and also have a chance to take some pictures while at it. A stopover in Mbarara for lunch and another at the Equator for more pictures and exploring the craft world will be done. Then continue to Kampala at an agreed point which will mark the end of your 6day vacation.

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