1 Day Mountain Rwenzori trekking Safari

The 1-day trek meanders alongside the Munyamubuli River through one of the most beautiful pristine forests in the world. Magnificent trees tower above the dense undergrowth, our guides will explain to you the intricate dimensions of the many plants and trees and point out the many species of birds. The walk includes an excellent lunch. UWA gate entrance fee is included in the price. The walk starts at Trekkers Hostel Kilembe at 8.30am and returns about 3 pm

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This is a relativity easy walk as you climb steadily through montane forest, with tall trees thick undergrowth and a multitude of different species of birds and primates. Then the steepest climb up a ridge below Omusita Rest Spot where you join the trail coming down from Samalira and is the highest point of the walk at 2,373 meters.

The forests are untouched and carry a wide variety of trees and plants. Many species of birds can be heard and seen in this rich environment. The first few kilometers climb steadily crossing several small streams and rivers then we branch off on our birding trail, within a few hundred meters from the turnoff you will see evidence of bush pigs digging for roots and grubs in the undergrowth and along the path. If you walk quietly you may get a chance to see these shy animals.

The trail then moves along the top of the Nyamwamba River where you see the river and the beautiful ravine forests along the river. There is a small trail where you can walk down to the river’s edge and maybe see a kingfisher and the water-loving birds. As you climb the trees become taller, bigger in size and very straight.

It is common to see and hear many types of primates hear chimpanzee calls echoing around the valley. You will see chimp nests made of twigs and branches high up in the tallest trees which the chimps will use for several weeks during the fruiting season then move on in the search for other food sources.

You may be lucky and see a troupe of 10 to 15 black and white Colobus monkeys as they swing through the trees particularly when the various trees are bearing fruit. Occasionally you may see a blue monkey. The forest, the wide variety of plant species and the environment along the river is stunning and well worth the effort to experience this unique environment.

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